Total Control

Total Control or Automation, as the name implies, involves making a home or business operate automatically and intelligently within pre-programmed parameters. Have lights turn on to your preferred setting when you come and go. Heat or cool only occupied rooms. Automatically close the drapes, and turn off the sprinkler system when it rains. Integrate all audio and video sources, the lighting system, window shade operation, security system, landscaping irrigation and lighting, the HVAC system … the list goes on. An entire home can be operated from easy-to-use and attractive touch panel controls located strategically throughout the home.

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Just imagine your day starting like this:

7:00 A.M.— It's the same old morning routine, each and every day . . . and you love it!

The wake-up call sounds. The drapes automatically glide open. Ah, it looks like a clear morning, you note as lights in the master bedroom and bath come up to a comfortable level. Your favorite music plays softly in the background and a television screen rises from a beautiful cabinet just as the local report comes on The Weather Channel. Time to get up.

Music and The Weather Channel also play in your bathroom. By the time you’ve brushed your teeth and showered, the rest of your house is awakening. The four HVAC zones are gearing up and down, as programmed, to save energy and assure the comfort level in each zone is appropriate for the morning routine. The kids are getting their wake-up calls. In about five minutes, the coffee will begin to brew in the kitchen. You tap a button to mute the music and tap another to change channels on the television; just enough time to catch a few minutes of headline news while dressing.    

The doorbell rings just before you are ready to go downstairs. One touch and the television screen image changes to show the overnight delivery person at the front door. You greet him and give instructions without interrupting your dressing routine. Touch the monitor screen and the television picture returns. A few taps on the touch panel or remote and you’ve closed down the bedroom so you can head down to breakfast.

You smell the coffee before you arrive in the kitchen. Before breakfast is over, the audio/video systems throughout the house power down, the lights gradually dim as the sun rises, and the garage door automatically opens. Oh, but you’re making calls from home today. With a tap you close the garage door; another tap turns on the computer in the home office. You say goodbye to the kids, pour another cup of coffee and head to your desk.

So begins your day.

Total Control systems are meant to be simple to operate, but designing and installing them is not. At Summit Electronic Systems, we precisely engineer, design and install systems with features that put control of all automated home operations at your fingertips. Once you begin living with the ease, convenience, reliability and all the benefits of a well-engineered Automation System, you’ll wonder how you lived without it.


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There are many choices for Automation. Here is a short video about an entry level control system – Control4. You can control one room, to a whole building and all of the electronics inside and out of that building. The system, installed and programmed, runs from $3,000 to $15,000. Call us today 707-542-4773 and ask for Jason Meyers to schedule a FREE consultation and demonstration of this remarkable product. Or, if you would prefer, send an e-mail to info@summit-e.com. Oprah likes Control4 and so does Summit!


This is just a note to tell you how pleased I have been with the work you have done on my home. I was very impressed with the quality of the work as well as the professionalism, courtesy, and consideration of the people on the job. I was particularly pleased with the responsiveness to my several job-change requests and modifications which were met.

I very much enjoy my new electronic cottage, but you may only have whetted my appetite! You may rest assured that, when I am ready to do more, my first and last call will to be to you! I would have no hesitation in recommending Summit to any of my friends.

Thanks for an outstanding job.

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— Tom Shanks
Summit-e Video Diamond Certified
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