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Light, both natural and artificial, is an essential element in every home. Light can accent artistic works or furnishings, or lend personality to blank spaces. Light enriches color and helps shape the mood of any environment. But light is also functional and, while it does beautify, it also lights task areas and pathways, providing safety and security. Lighting Control systems along with motorized shades and drapes are the perfect option for controlling the light in a home or business. Shades regulate the amount of sunlight coming through any window and are an essential addition to increase privacy, enhance security and protect your investments in flooring, furnishings, and artwork from the harsh rays of the sun.

To address the varied lifestyle needs of today’s consumers, lighting control systems have become increasingly complex in both wiring and design. Our designs offer organization and simplicity of operation because they suit the floor plan or space, and are designed with the client’s lifestyle in mind. No longer must one go from room to room turning individual switches on and off. Lighting systems combine toggle, dimmer, fan, and motorized window switches into one aesthetic and easy-to-use keypad. With the touch of a button the user can adjust lighting in a specific area or direct and adjust to pre-set lighting levels throughout the entire home.

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A complete lighting control system enhances security. Touch a button when moving from one area of the building to another and create “a path of light” for safety illumination. Touch another button to light the entire house in the middle of the night, or you can dim the lights for a romantic dinner for two. Adjust lighting in the master bedroom for a warm and cozy retreat, turn the bath into a spa, convert the family room to a home theater, or transform your lawn and deck into a glittering place of celebration. Home lighting can even be activated from your cell phone or garage door opener, assuring you of a well-lighted entry when you arrive home at night.

Summit Electronic Systems is proud to carry proven and reliable wired and wireless central lighting control systems. We can even retrofit existing lighting systems in older homes to update and enhance the convenience, ease of operation, beauty, functionality and security of any home.


With the touch of a button the user can adjust lighting in a specific area or choose a pre-set lighting scene throughout the entire home.
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