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LIGHTS…CAMERA…POPCORN! The cinematic experience just isn’t what it used to be. There’s the hassle of finding a last minute baby-sitter, dealing with traffic, beating the crowds, waiting in line and, once in the theater, you must vie for a good seat. At Summit Electronic Systems we say, why buy a ticket when you can own the theater?

Thousands of effortless hours of family entertainment await you with a Home Theater.

With High-Definition Television and Video-on-Demand, it is possible to have a theater in your home that rivals the best cinema in town. In fact, customized home theater systems often deliver performance that exceeds that of a conventional movie theater.

Since 1990, Summit Electronic Systems has created many dedicated and family room Home Theaters for clients, customized to suit their lifestyle and blend with the aesthetics of their home décor. These theater systems are comprised of the highest quality video displays, leading-edge components, and acoustically accurate speakers. The entire package is operated by a user-friendly control system, scaled and personalized to individual client needs.

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The incomparable experience of viewing television and movies in a well-designed Home Theater simply must be experienced because it is difficult to describe. From cartoons to concerts, football games to “Patriot Games”, a custom Home Theater system will provide endless entertainment to your family and guests.

A custom Home Theater adds drama and value to any home. Advances in technology, along with innovative and state-of-the-art installation techniques, have made possible the seamless integration of Home Theaters into virtually any room.

While a growing number of homeowners choose dedicated media rooms for exclusive Home Theater use, any room can accommodate a Home Theater system without disruption to the room’s décor. Magically transforming even the most elegantly styled room into a thundering cinematic destination for family and friends… and then transforming it back again, is accomplished with the simple touch of a button to manipulate disappearing screens, invisible speakers, and cleverly hidden components.

In our experience, consumers often feel overwhelmed by Home Theater equipment options, new technologies and terminology. We simplify the decision-making process by offering clear and concise explanations of the technology and helping our clients define exactly what they are looking for in a Home Theater. From Day One, we design, install, program, and service our Summit Electronic Systems Home Theaters. Our experience and expertise allows us to create an ideal viewing and listening environment tailored to client needs, no matter the budget. We will even integrate components you already have in place.


I wanted to tell you and your crew how pleased Candace and I are with the system that your folks installed. Your people came when they said they would, were professional in the way they worked and handled our various problems and questions as they came up.

We are also happy that they cleaned up after they finished work at the end of the day. As a result of this level of service and the top quality product, we believe we have one of the finest small theaters not only in northern California but in the entire country, and we enjoy it as often as we can.

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— Don Kagin
Summit-e Video Diamond Certified
Remodeling and Home Design
Santa Rosa Electrical Contractors