You’ve invested in making your home or business look great, why shouldn’t it sound great, too? Many of us work and live in a hectic, fast-paced world, so our home is truly our sanctuary. After a day of business, social, and family multi-tasking, we return home to recuperate and re-energize. That healing happens more effectively in a home environment where high-quality systems multi-task, as well; where favorite music and videos flow seamlessly from room to room.

Imagine listening to the thrilling operatic voices of Il Divo reproduced in concert hall quality from acoustically accurate speakers hidden in the architecture of your home. Watch television and movies in any room. Use the same system to listen to a CD in the bedroom while another member of the family enjoys XM radio in the den, and still another listens to an iPod™ beside the swimming pool. Best of all, the equipment for this intricate and flexible audio/video system is organized in one central location, pre-set, and easily controlled by a touch-screen or wireless remote from anywhere in the home. Spend less time setting up music and video, avoid the complications of re-setting and balancing sound equipment, and start enjoying it at the touch of a button. Best of all, the system multi-tasks to help every member of the family relax in their own way at the same time, so nobody has to wait their turn.

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Homeowners increasingly choose to invest in high-quality, centrally-located components that distribute audio/video outputs to numerous locations throughout the home. Upgrading from multiple freestanding mini-systems of lesser quality to a high quality master system improves audio/video performance and your experience. It also allows each room or “zone”, including patio or outdoor zones, to access a virtually unlimited array of components, including XM radio, CD, DVD, iPod, Movie and Music Servers, and Satellite Receivers. Each “zone” has its own control system or universal remote which allows the user to maneuver effortlessly through the selection of components.

Convenience… Appealing Aesthetics… Versatility… the custom attributes of our Audio/Video designs directly reflect the client’s budget and preferences, assuring we deliver the best equipment and performance values for maximum lifestyle enhancement. Summit Electronic Systems offers a vast selection of speakers, video displays, and components from the world’s finest manufacturers. Our experienced professionals design and install high-end, multi-room, multi-source audio/video systems as distinctive as the homes of our clients.


I rarely (if ever) include a comment letter in with an invoice payment, but in this case I feel compelled to do so. We built our home a couple of years ago and have been struggling to get our Home Theater and other components to work in sync without success.

We have worked with a couple of consultants and never came up with a good solution. Your two technicians that worked on our system were the most pleasant and competent I’ve dealt with ever. They came in, immediately understood the mission, completed their work and everything works beautifully.

Many thanks to the two techs and what a pleasure to do business with a company like yours.

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— Robert E. Bartel
Summit-e Video Diamond Certified
Remodeling and Home Design
Santa Rosa Electrical Contractors